Lac Balsam – Tree Wound Sealant


Lac Balsam, also known as artificial bark, is the world’s finest tree wound treatment.

It was developed and patented by horticulturists in Europe for use in grafting as well as tree wound sealant. It provides simple and problem-free protection against pathogens, insects and disease organisms that are attracted to open wounds after a bark damage by cutting measures or after other damage. It comes with a brush top applicator which makes application fast and easy with excellent spreadability and high elasticity. After drying it guarantees long-lasting protection.


Lac Balsam Tube 358g/13,58oz. – Applicator/brush top for quick, easy, no mess application.

Proper handling, cutting and care for wound surfaces can be an  important step to aid trees in providing the oxygen,

shade, wood and fruits we all enjoy.

Use –

Ready-to-use glue ring for protection against tree pips, e.g. Ants, caterpillars, frost tensioner, before creeping up into the tree crown. Practical binding.

Easy Application – 

Clean and flatten wound and surface edges. Apply Lac Balsam directly on and 2 cm. around the wound. Check on the treated wound every 2-3 years

Additional information

Weight .9375 lbs


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